My Story

 My story isn't an exciting one.  It's rather simple.  A friend of mine sent me some samples in the mail, and I fell in love.  I start out just getting a plug in for the bathroom.  My daughter has a lot of allergies, food, outdoors, asthma, the perfume I use to wear, and even some types of soap.  I wasn't sure if she could handle it at first.  But after I realized she wasn't having any issues with it, I soon wanted a warmer for the living room too.  And after a couple of months, I signed up to be a consultant.  I knew I would be able to say 100% that I LOVE Scentsy.  And so does my daughter, well, the rest of our family really!  After I got my starter kit, I opened everything.  And I slowly started working my way through all the scents.  There were so many, it took some time.  I had always heard that the sense of smell is strongest attached to memories.  But I had never actually had it happen to me, so natually I didn't believe it.  One of the testers I opened, was the Hazelnut Latte.  Suddenly, it was like you see in a cartoon...where you're flying into someone's memory.  And there I was back in my room I grew up in as a kid.  You see, I had this candle.  It had real coffee beans in it.  And I loved coffee, and the way it smelled!  My mother on the other hand, wasn't a coffee drinker.  And she wasn't much of a fan of the smell of it either.  And she HATED that candle.  But I loved it, and could only burn it from time to time.  Of corse, she had her own name for that candle, the "poo poo candle".  She really did hate that candle!  :)  She would come home, and smell that I had been burning, and yell from down the hall to blow it out!  She knew I loved it though.  To this day it's still the laughing joke between us.  But as soon as I opened the Hazelnut Latte, I had to laugh!  It was amazing.  Even though the candle had been burned up a LONG time ago, and I never could find a replacement, I always was looking for one.  And now I have!!!  Of corse, I had to call and tell my mom and sister about it.  My mom made sure I told her the name, so she would NEVER order it.  And I of corse, sent my sister the scent circle and room spray that very week!  You see, when I moved out, I gave my sister the candle.  And it went on annoying our mom even after I moved out.  :)  Thank you Scentsy for reminding me of that!  Hehehehe.<!--endbody-->